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Ref No Description Location
21/0194/DELEAL Reconfiguration of the ground floor, two-bedroom flat into two studio flats 4A, Coronation Villas, Coronation Road, LONDON, NW10 7PL
21/0198/ADVOPDC Advertisement consent for the installation of 3 internally illuminated fascia si Regency Heights,Lakeside Drive, London, NW10 7HQ
21/0199/DELEAL Installation of 2 velux windows to the previously approved planning application 20-, Stoke Place, LONDON, NW10 6EH
21/0200/AODOPDC Details of Condition 27 (Contamination) (as amended by non-material amendment re Chandos Road Trading Estate, Chandos Road, Park Royal, NW10 6NF
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