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Ref No Description Location
21/0173/DELEAL Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use of property as four Flats 60-, Wesley Avenue, LONDON, NW10 7BN
21/0174/DELEAL Site extension over existing Ground Floor building 34-, Wells House Road, LONDON, NW10 6EE
21/0176/AODOPDC Details of condition PLC-14 pursuant to planning application reference 19/0104/V 104-108 Scrubs Lane, London, NW10 6SF
21/0177/AODOPDC Details of condition 5 pursuant to planning application reference 21/0132/FULOPD 16 Townsend Industrial Estate, Waxlow Road, London, NW10 7NU
21/0178/DELEAL Non-material amendment to planning application reference 181062OPDFUL dated 10/8 140, Wales Farm Road, ACTON, W3 6UG
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